Your University Application response from the German University where you submitted your application or notification from Foundation Course has been delayed and you are in an awkward moment of the wait. You believe you have good chances for your university admission, on the other hand!

If found in such position, you are suggested to immediately apply for a Student Applicant Visa – without waiting for the response first. This because you will cut the risk of being late for your enrollment in your semester activities in university or for the classes of the foundation course, in case of being admitted.

This type of visa is typically issued for a 90 DAYS or 3 MONTHS period. Upon your arrival in Germany, in case you need more time to meet admission requirements to a German university or a Foundation Course, you can apply to extend it for up to 6 MONTHS.

In case you reach to get a place in a university or foundation course during the aforementioned periods you are eligible then apply for a Student Visa.

The required documents to apply for a Student Applicant Visa to a German Embassy or Consulate are:

  • Two Duly Completed Visa Application Form
  • Two Recently Taken Portrait Photographs  (strict requirements, read our photo requirements page)
  • Recognized School Leaving Certificates – Abitur or Equivalent, or, Proof of getting admitted to follow a Preparatory Course – “Propaedeutic Courses
  • Proof of German Language Proficiency (if applicable)
  • Confirmation Letter of Language Course Registration (if applicable) (the course must contain at least 18 hours/week of classes)
  • Proof of Submitting University Application and/or Correspodences with University/ies – to prove you have a great probability of admission
  • Means of Subsistence – 8,640 Euro per year (personal financial statements of the last three months, scholarship award certificate, fixed deposit statement “Sperrkonto” – Blocked account, written confirmation of parents or sponsor that he/she will cover your costs, or other)
  • Leave Approval Letter by Employer (if employed)
  • Proof of Covered Health Insurance – for the entire period of stay in Germany
  • Valid Passport (for at least 3 months after your planned date of return and not older than 10 years, holding at least two empty visa pages)
  • Proof of Paid Visa Fee – 60 Euro

Other types of German student visas: