Germany Entry Restrictions in Response to CoronavirusDue to the Coronavirus outbreak, Germany, as well as the rest of the EU and Schengen Area members imposed an EU-wide entry ban on third-country nationals on March 17, 2020. With the improved epidemiological situation in the EU and abroad, Germany has lifted the entry ban for a few third-countries and several categories of travelers.

Starting from July 2, residents of the following countries, will be able to enter Germany without restrictions, like quarantine or COVID-19 test:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Georgia
  4. Montenegro
  5. New Zealand
  6. Thailand
  7. Tunisia
  8. Uruguay

At the same time with the residents of the above countries, the following categories of travellers coming from the rest of world countries can enter Germany starting from July 2:

  • German nationals, Union citizens and third-country nationals with an existing right of residence in Germany.
  • Health personnel, health researchers and geriatric nursing staff.
  • Foreign specialists and highly qualified employees, whose employment is necessary from an economic point of view and whose work is not postponed or can be carried out abroad.
  • Personnel in goods transport and other transport personnel.
  • Seasonal workers in agriculture.
  • Seafarers.
  • International students whose studies cannot be carried out entirely from abroad.
  • Foreign family members arriving by family reunification and visiting trips for urgent family reasons.
  • Persons who need international protection or protection for other humanitarian reasons.
  • Diplomats, Personnel from international organizations, military personnel and humanitarian workers in the course of their duties.
  • Late repatriates.
  • Passengers in transit traffic.