How to get flight itinerary without paying

A visa application process can often be confusing and frustrating, especially for people applying for the first time for a visa. The requirements seem like tons of paperwork to these people, and sometimes it makes them just want to give up. However, no one should give up that easily, since all you need is a little help to understand these requirements better, like reading one or two articles on visa requirements which explain to you what each means, and how to obtain them.

Nowadays, aside of the basic requirements as the application form, passport and photographs, a flight itinerary and a hotel booking are among the crucial requirements of each embassy no matter where they are located or which country they represent.

Many, in particular first-time applicants, fail to understand what the embassy precisely wants them to do.  Some often make the mistake of buying actual flight tickets and making actual hotel reservation fully paying their stay there, though the hotel may not reimburse them, not even partially, in case of cancellation. Others, also thinking that the embassy wants them to buy the plane tickets and pay their hotel stay, give up on their hope to visit the other country they have been planning to since they are scared they will fail to get the visa, and therefore will lose all their money.

Yet, the embassy by no means wants you to risk losing that much money since neither the hotel booking nor the flight itinerary guarantee you with the issuance of a visa. The embassy wants something else.

In order to understand what the embassy of the country you wish to visit means when they require you to submit a hotel booking and a flight itinerary, please read this article, which will clearly and shortly explain what you need to do in order to fulfil these two requirements. Following find the explanations what each of both means, as well as a guideline how to obtain a flight itinerary and a hotel booking.


What is a Flight Itinerary?

Sample Flight Ticket Reservation

A flight itinerary is a document that confirms the schedule of the flight that you are planning to take to your destination country and back, and that you have a saved seat in this flight for a particular number of days.

Depending on the embassy, a flight itinerary is also referred to as a:

  • Booked / Confirmed Flight Itinerary
  • Flight Itinerary for Visa Application
  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Flight Reservation / Confirmation
  • Flight Ticket Reservation
  • Round Trip / Confirmed Flight Tickets
  • Dummy Air Ticket Booking
  • Dummy Flight Ticket

Any of them means the same thing, an itinerary/schedule of your flight that contains details about it, which can be verified online. In general, this document must contain the following information:

  • name and surname of the person who booked the reservation
  • flight name
  • a valid flight reservation number or booking ID, as it appears in the flight ticket in pdf format
  • arrival date & departure date (since the ticket must be two-ways)
  • the time each flight takes off and its flight duration
  • airport IATA codes, with complete arrival and departure schedule of the flight including terminals
  • the price of the airline ticket when fully purchased
  • details of any connecting flights, (applicable only if you are planning to visit more than one country with the same visa).

How Can I Book a Flight Ticket Without Paying the Full Price?

You can get a Flight Ticket with a Booking number without making the full payment for the airline ticket in five simple steps:

  1. Go to Visa Reservation.
  2. Choose the right travelling package for your needs.
  3. Submit your flight details and proceed the payment.
  4. You will receive an email with all the details of your Flight.
  5. Print the email and provide it to the diplomatic office during your visa interview session.

What is a Hotel Booking?

On the other hand, a hotel booking or reservation is done in most cases to approve an empty room kept for you until your arrival. You do not need to pay a full price in order to book that room, just a small amount of money in order to get a document from the hotel that confirms that you have a saved room in the hotel for specific dates.

The hotel booking confirmation document shall contain the following details:

  • Name and surname of the person who booked the room
  • The address of the hotel
  • Contact details of the hotel as phone number, email and fax
  • The dates for which the room has been reserved

You will be charged with a small amount of money for booking the room. However, this is better than fully paying the room, despite that you do not know whether you will be granted with a visa for sure or not. In case you do not and you have paid your stay, you will lose all your money. Whereas, despite the fact that there are hotels that offer reimbursement in case of cancellation without charging you anything, these hotels are 5 to 10 times more expensive than normal.

In many cases, the embassies simply ask for a Travel Itinerary, which should consist of both, the Flight Itinerary (or the itinerary for other means of travel as applicable), the hotel booking as well as a list of the places you will be visiting and the dates when you will be visiting them.

How Do I Get A Hotel Booking Confirmation Letter For Visa Application?

There are different travel companies and hotel booking agencies which offer Hotel Booking Confirmations, but only a few of them offer cheap and genuine services. When choosing a serious hotel booking agency, you have less to worry about when making the reservation.

The entire process of booking your hotel for the visa is easy and is done in only a few following simple steps:

  1. Go to Visa Reservation.
  2. Choose the product Hotel Booking Plan Only.
  3. Fill the empty fields with the required information about you and your period of stay.
  4. Proceed the online payment.
  5. Following, as soon as your payment will be confirmed an e-mail with all the details of your hotel reservation will be sent to your inbox.
  6. Print the email and provide it to the diplomatic office in your reserved visa interview session.

Why do Embassies Ask for Flight Itinerary & Hotel Booking?

The visa embassies acknowledge the fact that it is not wise to purchase a flight ticket or pay a hotel stay before you get your visa. Even if you are suggested to get one, which you can avail “free cancellation”, don’t do so since flight tickets which you can cancel are at least 25% more expensive than non-cancellation flights. The case is the same with hotel rooms, as explained above.

Even the European Union’s visa consulate advises those applying for a Schengen visa not to purchase real tickets but only travel itinerary and hotel booking instead. Despite that, some others oblige the applicants to purchase and present their original air ticket when going to collect their visa, as the last condition.

You may ask yourself why embassies around the world are asking for such a document when it can be cancelled very easily. Well, the reasons are as following:

To prove you will not be overstaying

The main reason why these two requirements are so important for embassies around the world is that this is just another way to make sure you will be going back to your home country upon the end of your visa validity. Because the flight itinerary shows the dates of your arrival and departure, and the hotel booking reconfirms them, this assures the embassy that you have no intention to remain in their country after the expiration of your visa. It also supports the reason for travelling that you have presented to the consular officers.

Deciding the length of the visa

The second reason is that it helps the consular officers decide on the length of your visa validity. Upon having the itinerary in their hand they have it clear exactly how many days you need to remain in their country, thus they avoid limiting you to stay for less than you need or giving you a visa that exceeds your needs.

Deciding at what embassy you should apply

This is valid only for those applying for a Schengen Visa. A common Schengen visa rule says that the visitors that plan to go through two or more countries of the Schengen Zone must apply at the embassy of the country where they will be staying longer. Therefore, when you present the itinerary and the hotel booking, you actually prove that you are applying to the right embassy.

How to Get Travel Itinerary for Visa Application

If this is the first time you are collecting documents for a visa, it is understandable if you are confused and do not know where to obtain several documents.  When it comes to flight itinerary and hotel booking, you can always use visa consultation services of a travel agent or find one online.

However, you should be very careful since there are many fraudulent companies fooling people around, taking their money and personal details without providing the services they claim they do.

That is why you are strongly suggested to carefully search for the right website that is highly rated by its users, that directs you to the right visa consultation services. We recommend Visa Reservation where you can get support for most of your visa requirements such as flight itineraries, hotel reservations along with free consultation over email. Its services are cheap and genuine, and many people claim it has helped them a lot.

Visa Reservation provides three types of services: flight reservation, hotel booking and insurance. You can use one of the services, a combination of two of them or all three, if you need so. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose between getting the service delivered within 6 hours or 24 hours.

The process of getting a travel itinerary for visa application is simple and quick, just follow these steps:

  • Go to this website.
  • Choose the service you need. You can pick one, two or three of them together (Flight, Hotel and Insurance).
  • Give basic information about you in a short form as your name & surname as given in your passport, your email address, phone number, as well as travellers flight details as the date of arrival and departure.
  • After you click apply, you will have to proceed with the online payment.
  • Upon the confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email in the address you have submitted, with the details of the service you have purchase.
  • Print the email and present it to the diplomatic office in your reserved visa interview session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flight reservation?

A flight reservation is an arrangement you make through a personal reservation number, to save a seat in the airplane for travelling to your destination, typically for a week. In case you do not purchase the ticket within a week period, your reserved seat will be cancelled.

What is the difference between a travel itinerary and a flight ticket?

A travel itinerary describes your trip, where you start it when you leave, the time you arrive in your destination country, where you will be staying, what you are planning to do, when you will leave, etc. On the other hand, a flight ticket is a document, which confirms you have a saved seat in an airplane for which you have paid a full price.

What is an itinerary receipt?

An itinerary receipt is a confirmation document that has the number of the e-ticket you have purchased. You receive it in your email upon the issuance of your flight ticket.

What is a dummy flight ticket for a visa?

This is basically the same as a flight itinerary for a visa. When you purchase a dummy ticket for a visa application, you actually pay to have a saved seat on a plane on your chosen dates for an appointed period. After you get the visa you can purchase the plane ticket.

What does Proof of Departure requirement mean?

In Canada, they require the applicants to submit a proof of departure, which is actually a flight ticket.