How to Get German Settlement Permit for Foreign Graduates of German UniversitiesPermanent residence in Germany after only 2 years spent as a foreign graduate of a German university.

What is a German Settlement Permit?

A German settlement permit is a permanent residence for foreigners who have lawfully lived for several years in Germany. It authorizes you to (without limit) live, work and study in Germany and to bring your family members there. After eight years spent in Germany with a settlement permit, you can acquire naturalization.

What is a German Settlement Permit for Foreign Graduates of German Universities?

If you come to Germany to study, you can gain a German settlement permit for foreign graduates of German universities. To qualify, you must be a graduate of a German higher education institution. The German higher education institution can be a state, state-approved or equivalent institution of higher education.

To qualify for this settlement permit, you must have worked in Germany for at least two years after graduation. Furthermore, the job must have matched your academic qualification received in Germany. Following graduation, you must have held a residence permit for work, self-employment, or an EU Blue Card. During this time, you must have been paying your pension insurance throughout.

Finally, you must have a clean criminal record from this period. A clean criminal record means that you must not have had any recorded involvement in illegal activity.

Professional Assistance with your Application

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What are the Requirements to Apply for a Residence Permit as a Foreign Graduate in Germany?

When applying for a settlement permit as a foreign graduate, there are several documents required which the applicant must provide. Once found, the applicant must send these documents in their original form and accompany them with a photocopy.

Here is the list of complete documentation you need to possess to apply for a German settlement permit as a foreign graduate:

  • A completed application form. Complete and send the form “Antrag auf Erteilung der Niederlassungserlaubnis”.
  • Valid national passport holding a valid residence permit.
  • One biometric photograph.
  • A copy of your degree or academic title. A recognized German higher education provider must have issued this degree or certificate. It must show the level of the academic title received between bachelor, master, PhD, diploma.
  • Evidence of employment for the past two years.
  • Employment contract. The applicant must provide an employment contract with their application if they have been employed in your current job for less than two years.
  • Proof of paid pension insurance. The paid pension insurance must cover a two-year period. This document must show paid private or statutory pension insurance.
  • Proof of previous freelance work. (If applicable).
  • Covered health insurance.
  • Proof of accommodation and registration. (Send both).
  • Rental contract.
  • Letter of the address registration “Meldebestätigung”.
  • Professional license. A professional license is required if you have worked or have been working in a job listed amid Germany’s regulated professions.
  • Recognized German language certificate. If you cannot obtain a recognized German language certificate, you can provide other recognized evidence showing you have German language proficiency of minimum B1 level of the CEFR.
  • Appropriate means of subsistence. This money must be enough for covering your living and accommodation costs.
  • Declaration about earlier convictions. (If related).
  • Declaration about any social security benefit received. (If related).
  • Evidence of current employment or self-employment.

If employed:

  • The existing employment contract.
  • Proof of salary receipt. These salary receipts must cover the last six months.
  • Bank account statements.
  • Salary slips.
  • certificate of employment. Your employer must have issued it, and it must be formal. The applicant should have obtained this certificate of employment within the two weeks prior to their application.

If self-employed:

  • Audit report. Professional tax consultants must have performed the audit; this means certified public accountants or authorized persons. It must be accompanied by the commercial register excerpt.
  • Latest tax notice.
  • Evidence of a business workspace and related costs.
  • Rental contract. It must show the monthly rent (for a rented property).
  • Purchase contract. It must show the cost of the property (for an owned property).

Note: As every applicant’s circumstances are unique, other documents may be needed depending on the situation’s facts.

The payable fee to apply for a settlement permit is 113 Euros, while it is 147 Euros if you are a self-employed person and 55 Euros for minors. 

Ensuring that you have all the necessary documents can be a daunting task as can dealing with German immigration authorities. Getting expert legal advice from Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte should be considered if you get into any difficulties. 

Where should the application for a settlement permit be submitted?

If you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria for a German settlement permit, contact the local Foreigners’ Registration Office. It is the primary authority for counselling individuals for their application. However, depending on your nationality, a different department may oversee the receiving of your settlement permit application. The Foreigners’ Registration Office provides all the information needed.

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