Health Insurance for Foreign Employees GermanyGermany takes the healthcare system seriously; therefore, as a resident/visitor there, you should also ensure you take all the necessary steps to be properly insured so you won’t have to worry about medical costs in the long run.

Thousands of international workers enter Germany every year for employment purposes. As a result, the salaries are high, the working conditions meet the global standards, and there are many career prospects in Germany. And, if you get proper health insurance, you will be safe from medical bills in case of personal emergencies or any accident in the workplace.

Do I Need Health Insurance to Work in Germany?

Yes, you need health insurance to work in Germany, no matter the circumstances. Germany is quite strict when it comes to making sure all its residents are health insured, and since it has one of the best healthcare systems globally, having health insurance from Germany’s providers is definitely worthy.

Health insurance is required by law not only for foreign workers but also anyone who wishes to enter and reside in Germany for any period of time.

Foreign workers are by default entitled to public health insurance according to German law. They can be eligible for private insurance providers if their salary goes beyond the threshold of €64,350 per year as of 2021. However, as a foreign worker, you will need private health insurance to apply for a visa. After you arrive in Germany (and have a German address), you can apply for public health insurance.

Should I Get Public or Private Health Insurance?

Although compulsory or public health insurance in Germany covers most medical needs, many workers decide to opt for a complimentary private health insurance provider. These plans usually come with affordable prices and numerous essential services. If you’re unsure which private health insurance provider to choose, we recommend DR-WALTER’s health insurance plans to complement your public insurance scheme perfectly.

However, each individual in Germany is free to choose their own health insurance provider without being pressured into any company. This means you as a foreign worker have the opportunity to go through different health insurance providers, compare their plans and services and their prices and then decide.

What Does Health Insurance for Foreign Employees Cover?

Public health insurance providers in Germany offer several medical services, with the basic ones being the following:

  • In-Patient Hospital Care
  • Out-Patient Hospital Care
  • Prescription Drugs Costs
  • Medical Check-Ups
  • Mental Health Care Rehabilitation
  • Basic Dental Care
  • Pregnancy
  • Ambulatory Assistance

However, the benefit of being registered with a private health insurance provider is that you might also receive the following benefits:

  • Extended Hospital Services*
  • Dental Check-Ups*

*You can have access to extended hospital services and dental check-ups in case you register with private full insurance plans, which are more costly. 

It is important to note that you should check with your private health insurance provider whether they offer pregnancy coverage since there is a possibility that they do not, unlike public health insurance providers who always insure individuals in case of pregnancy.

Does My Health Insurance Plan Cover My Family as well?

If you register with a public health insurance provider, family premiums will be available for you, meaning it will not be necessary to pay for each family member individually. For example, if you are the only one working in the household, your health insurance contribution will benefit your non-working spouse as well as your kids. If you are a working couple with kids, then the statutory health insurance contribution of both of you will benefit the kids as well, for free.

On the other hand, private health insurance companies will require you to pay for each member individually.

International Health Insurance for Foreign Workers in Germany

If you come from the member states of the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area), then it is possible you can use health insurance from your home country when you come to Germany as well. This is because Germany has social insurance agreements with the aforementioned countries making your current health insurance plan valid in Germany as well.

Keep in mind that if you plan to stay and work in Germany for longer periods of time, you must register with either a public or private health insurance provider in Germany.

Other types of health insurance for Expats in Germany: