Working as a Freelancer in GermanyHealth insurance and Germany go hand in hand! What this means is that this country highly values its residents being insured in the healthcare system. Besides, the fact that it has one of the best healthcare systems in the world makes it pretty convenient to take up any health insurance plan in Germany.

International foreign workers have found Germany to be an ideal work destination. Subsequently, Germany welcomes them with arms wide open, for as long as they fulfill the requirements, with one of them being taking up health insurance for foreign workers.

Freelancers also belong in the category of workers required to have health insurance. So, let’s go through everything you need to know about health insurance for freelancers in Germany.

Do I Need Health Insurance as a Freelancer in Germany?

Yes, you do need health insurance as a freelancer in Germany. Moreover, when it comes to freelancers or those who are self-employed, the question of health insurance becomes just a bit trickier. While those who are not self-employed usually pay only half of their insurance contributions (since the employer pays the other half), freelancers have to pay all their health insurance contributions on their own.

On the upside, freelancers have the opportunity to choose whether they want to register with a public or private health insurance provider, unlike employees with a normal job. Artists, on the other hand, are exempt from this rule, since half of their contributions are paid by the Artists’ Social Security Fund (Künstlersozialkasse).

What Does Health Insurance for Freelancers Cover?

The health insurance coverage for freelancers in Germany is determined by the health insurance plans they choose to purchase.

Initially, statutory health insurance providers will cover the following medical treatments:

  • In-Patient Hospital Care
  • Out-Patient Hospital Care
  • Prescription Drugs Costs
  • Medical Check-Ups
  • Mental Health Care Rehabilitation
  • Basic Dental Care
  • Pregnancy
  • Ambulatory Assistance

Furthermore, being registered with a private medical insurance provider means you will also get services like dental check-ups as well as extended hospital services. However, you are only entitled to dental check-ups and extended hospital services in case you purchase private full insurance schemes, which are more expensive than travel health insurance or public health insurance.

Pregnancy services, however, are not always covered by private health insurance providers. Therefore, before taking up and registering with any health insurance provider, make sure you check whether you will be provided with the necessary services for you.

Health Insurance Cost for Self-Employed Individuals and Freelancers in Germany

The cost of health insurance for self-employed individuals and freelancers largely depends on their income. In addition, it also depends on whether they choose to register with public or private health insurance providers. Since freelancers do not have the advantage of paying joint employer-employee contributions (50/50), they should be careful when it comes to deciding on a type of health insurance.

Public Health Insurance Cost for Freelancers

Regarding public health insurance cost, a minimum required income of €1038.33 per month is applied when calculating the contribution of those who are self-employed and registered with public health insurance. Even if your income is lower than this amount, you will still pay as if you are earning €1038.33.

This means that self-employed individuals and freelancers pay a minimum of 160€ to 190€ per month. The good thing is that before 2019, the contribution minimum was much higher, but it was reduced by half, from €2,284 to €1,038 at the beginning of 2019.

Private Health Insurance Cost for Freelancers

Private health insurance plans, unlike statutory providers, might be more affordable options for freelancers who have just started on their careers and do not earn as much. However, as a freelancer opting for a private health insurance provider, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you register.

Initially, if you have children or a non-working spouse, freelancers should also pay for each person they want to insure under private healthcare plans, in contrast to public providers who offer family plans. However, an advantage is that you can tailor the services and costs depending on your circumstances and needs, something that is not available with public health insurance providers.

In addition, there is no specific cost set when it comes to private providers since different companies offer different prices and services. If you’re struggling to find an affordable and qualitative health insurance provider, we would recommend you start with DR-WALTER.

Should I take public or private health insurance?

As a freelancer in Germany, you have the possibility to choose between the two, public and private health insurance. However, when it comes to which one you should purchase, the decision is entirely up to you.

In addition, you should keep in mind a few things before making your choice. If you plan on moving to Germany permanently, it would probably be best for you if you joined the public healthcare system. As you get older, the monthly premiums are likely to change in the private healthcare sector. Moreover, adding additional cover would also have its own challenges since the risk status increases with age.

Freelancers registered with private health insurance providers, on the other hand, have a few more advantages. This means, if your income is relatively low, you may choose to begin with a basic private health insurance tariff and later on switch to a more comprehensive one. You may combine the tariffs of different services according to your needs and create a health insurance package that is perfect for you.

It is not easy to suggest a health insurance plan that fits perfectly to everyone. However, DR-WALTER has numerous affordable health insurance plans you might want to check out, like DR-WALTER.

PROVISIT by DR-WALTER is suitable for foreign citizens who plan to stay in Germany for up to two years. It provides you with comprehensive coverage, consisting of:

  • travel health insurance
  • travel accident insurance
  • personal liability insurance
  • deportation costs insurance
  • corona infection covered

Can I Switch From Private Health Insurance to Public Health Insurance?

Switching from private health insurance into statutory (public) health insurance is quite difficult in Germany. Public health insurance takes up those with private health insurance easily only if they go from being self-employed to employed and cannot meet the income threshold qualifying them for private insurance or if they become unemployed.

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