German Passport HoldersGerman citizens can travel to 188 world countries without a visa, or with a visa-on-arrival, as of today. The country has risen to the second place, up from the third place it held with France in the last Henley Index update.

According to Henley Passport Index, which is a list that ranks passports from the strongest to the weakest based on the number of countries one can visit without a prior visa with that passport, the German passport is the second most powerful in the world.

“Following a visa-exemption from Uzbekistan, Germany currently sits alone in 2nd place, with a score of 188,” the press release reads.

It also explains that 12 months ago Japan and Singapore removed Germany from the first spot, which now they share together with South Korea. A Singaporean, Japanese or South Korean passport holder can visit 189 countries visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival, only one more than German nationals can.

All the other EU countries are listed in the 20 first positions of the index, some of which positions they share together.

Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, and Sweden share the third position, whereas Luxembourg and Spain are listed fourth.  The UK shares the fifth spot with Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland.

UAE, Albania and China have made the most significant difference in the last ten years. While UAE climbed the list from the 61st position that it held ten years ago, to 21st position it holds now, Albania moved for 28 places up within the same period.

At the bottom of the list sit Afghanistan and Iraq, the citizens of which can visit only 30 countries without a prior visa.

Henley Passport Index is published by the Henley & Partners, a firm for residence and citizenship planning.  The findings of the index are based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).