Germany Entry Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus

Starting from October 1, 2020, Germany may no longer advice its citizens against travel to several countries where the Coronavirus situation is not as risky as in other countries.

After months of advising German citizens to avoid travelling abroad for non-essential purposes, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to replace the general travel warning with unrestrictedly differentiated travel and safety information for individual countries.

Currently, citizens are advised to avoid unnecessary tourist trips abroad, except to the member states of the European Union, in Schengen-associated countries, to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican State. This applies up to and including September 30. From October 1, 2020, unrestrictedly differentiated travel and safety information for individual countries will apply again,” points out a press release of the MFA regarding the new move.

The Ministry will decide to which countries travel must be avoided based on several criteria, including when a country or region exceeds the number of newly infected people in relation to the population of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants cumulatively in the last seven days.

Despite the individual travel warnings, it will be up to the German citizens to decide whether they wish to travel or not to a country that has been classified as a high-risk country regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry, however, advises its citizens to be aware of the difficulties they might encounter when travelling to a high-risk country, as quarantine, testing, and other restrictions that might not be announced in advance.

Some countries have issued entry bans or special controls for certain groups of people or flights from certain regions. This also partially affects travellers from Germany. Travellers should therefore find out more at the embassy or consulate of their country of travel in Germany before starting their journey,” a notice of the Ministry explains.

As per third-country citizens wishing to travel to Germany, currently, only the residents of Australia, Georgia, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay are allowed to enter without any restrictions. For China, Japan and South Korea, the lifting of entry restrictions is subject to confirmation of reciprocity.

In addition, citizens of other third-countries can also enter the Federal Territory of Germany, if they are capable of proving their purpose of entry is essential and is approved as such by the German authorities. Among the essential purposes for entering Germany, is also reaching the country to join an unmarried partner in Germany with which the traveller has a stable relationship.