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Russian Passport HoldersAfter media allegations that the German embassies were granting Schengen visas to Donbass residents holding passports issued by Russian authorities, the German Foreign Ministry has reacted, denying claims that “Berlin does not distinguish ordinary passports of Russian citizens from those issued in the territories of Ukrainian Donbass controlled by pro-Russian separatists.”

According to German newspaper Deutsche Welle, in a response of the German Foreign Ministry to the newspaper editorial, the German diplomatic department does not know a single case in which holders of such passports would have received visas.

Germany is negotiating at the EU level on a single treatment of passports issued in eastern Ukraine. The technical details of such a scheme have yet to be clarified,” the German Foreign Ministry said in its response.

It also further clarifies that the residents of territories controlled by the separatists can only apply with an Ukrainian passport, in the meantime that the EU has still not come with a decision on the non-recognition of Russian passports granted to Donbass resident.

The EU, in close coordination with its international partners, is ready to consider further options, including the non-recognition of Russian passports issued in violation of the Minsk agreements,” it said.

The German tabloid newspaper Bild had reported a few days ago that the German authorities did not make any distinction between regular Russian passports and those that are being granted to eastern Ukraine since April, when Putin signed a decree to begin simplified issuance of Russian citizenship to inhabitants of the Donbass.

Previously, EU officials had announced that the block is working on guidelines for the identification and possible non-recognition of passports issued by Russia in the Donbass.

The EU started working on undertaking the necessary measures to object Moscow’s move after it decided to begin simplified issuance of Russian citizenship to inhabitants of the Donbass, what the EU believes “undermines the spirit and objectives of the Minsk agreements.”

However, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Lithuania have already started to deny Schengen visas to residents of Donbass holding Russian passports, even without the EU adopting a unified decision.