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Germany is planning to open all of its internal borders by June 15, after discussion with the neighbouring countries and the federal states concerned.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer, has decided to adapt the border regime at the end of this week based on the development of the infection situation to date. The Minister had ordered an extension of the preliminary internal border controls with France, Austria and Switzerland, and the airside borders with Italy and Spain to June 15, 2020.

The government has decided that all cross-border traffic connections will again be permitted to cross the border. It, however, plans that in the future, the controls will no longer be systematic, but flexible and risk-based.

The Federal Minister of the Interior is taking the positive development of the infection process into account by making the control procedure easier. If the infection in the neighbouring country changes, the intensity of the check can be quickly increased again in coordination with the neighbour,” a press release of the Ministry of Interior reads.

As per the rest of the border, Minister Seehofer has decided for the internal border controls at the borders with Luxembourg to cease existing on May 15, while at the same time ordering the federal police to step up control and search measures at the border section in the 30-kilometre border area.

Border controls with Denmark, on the other hand, will be removed on a date agreed together with the Danish authorities, as soon as the latter has carried out ongoing consultations with its neighbouring countries.

If the development of the infection process allows it, the Federal Minister of the Interior will end all internal border controls due to corona by June 15, 2020,” the press release reads.

At the same time, Germany has also decided to extend the external ban on third-countries on the recommendation of the European Commission, until June 15, 2020.