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Germany issues the highest number of visas to Armenian citizens, according to statisticsDespite having to apply for a visa and often facing a rejection, Armenian citizens show a greater interest to visit Schengen area countries. Some particular Schengen countries contain the list of the most popular destinations for Armenians.

The following countries are which issued more visas to Armenia’s citizens:  Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, France,  Poland and the Czech Republic.

The statistics of applications and acceptances were different regarding the types of visas.

Germany issued the most Uniform visas

The highest number of uniform visa issuances to Armenian applicants was recorded in Germany, although the highest number of applications was scored in Greece. Exactly 15,183 Armenians applied for a uniform Schengen visa in Greece consulates. Out of this number, 13,544 were granted such visas while less than 2,000 were rejected. On the other hand, the number of uniform visa application submitted during the same time at German consulates reached 14,942, out of which 13,773 were awarded a visa. This means that though there were fewer applications made in Germany’s consulates than in Greece the amount of issuance was larger.

Italy grasped a higher number of applications for this type of visa too. Yet, the scale of rejected applications was higher. According to the statistics, 11,662 uniform visa applications were done in Italian consulates and 9,450 of them took a positive response. In comparison with two countries discussed above, as with other countries, Italy topped the list with 2,212 refused applications, the highest among seven countries.

A significant number of applications for these visas were noted in Lithuania too. Over ten thousand (10,152) Armenians applied for a uniform Schengen visa at the Lithuanian embassy while 8,898 of them received one. France selected 4,482 out of the total 5,963 applications, Poland 3,981 out of 4,523 and the Czech Republic 3,113 out of 3,746 applications.

The share of MEV visa applications

MEV stands for Multiple Entry Visa and as one can easily conclude from it the issued person can enter the country more than once. The MEV’s percentage share of uniform visas issued was different at seven countries mentioned above. Besides having the highest number of uniform visas issued to the Armenians, Germany had also the highest number of MEV visas granted. In terms of percentage, out of the total uniform visas awarded by Germany’s consulates, the MEV visas shared 39.2%.

Lithuania, on the other hand, although positioned fourth with the number of uniform visa issued, had the second percentage share of MEV visas, at 30.1%, just behind Germany at the first spot. Italian MEV visas granted to the Armenians amounted to 28.3% of the total uniform visas awarded by Italy. Poland had a percentage of 20%, followed by France (18.5%), Greece (17.2%) and Czech Republic (15.9%).

The LTV issued visas

The Limited Territorial Validity Schengen visa is another type of visa one must obtain in order to travel in a Schengen country. But as the name indicates, the person who holds this type of visa can only travel within the Schengen country where he’s applying for and another country which must be stated in his application.

According to these statistics is right to conclude that Armenia’s citizens are less likely to apply for this type of visa. Fifteen LTV visa issued to the Armenians by the France embassy, rank it at the top for issuing LTV visas. Germany issued only 4 LTV visas, the Czech Republic 3, Poland  2, Greece 0, while there was no evidence for Italy and Lithuania.

The rate of not issued Schengen uniform visas

The fact that Germany was less restrictive on visa issuances to Armenian applicants was clearly noted at its lower rate of uniform visa refusals. The number of rejected applications at German’s consulates contained only 7.8% of all applications made by Armenian citizens in this country. By contrast, Italy had the highest rate of not issued uniform visas at 19% of the overall application in Italy’s consulates. The percentage of refusal for other countries was as shown below:

  • France – 17.9%
  • The Czech Republic – 16.8%
  • Lithuania – 12.0 %
  • Poland – 11.9%
  • Greece – 10.8%

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