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Germany May Soon Reintroduce Border Checks With Switzerland

In another bid to prevent migrants from illegally entering Germany, the German interior minister Horst Seehofer plans to start the procedures with the EU, in order to reintroduce internal border checks with Switzerland.

During an interview with Spiegel magazine last week, minister Seehofer said that he has yet not discussed these plans with Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, they may soon come into life.

I will do everything possible to push for smart controls at the borders,” Seehofer said, explaining that the measure must be taken, as an attempt to reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering Germany through the 347-kilometer boundary with the Swiss Alpine republic.

He also said that the number of illegals crossing of the borders last year reached the number of 43 thousand.

Several incidents have recently taken place in Germany, in which illegal migrants were either involved, or the cause. The case of a Swiss-based Eritrean man who allegedly pushed a mother with her child in front of a train, last week, has sparked a heated debate on migrants once again.

However, not all German politicians agree with Seehofer’s idea of reintroduced borders. Benjamin Strasser, the interior affairs spokesperson for the liberal Free Democrats commented whether such controls would have had any effect on the train indecent caused by the Swiss-based Eritrean man.

Even with such controls, the suspected Frankfurt perpetrator would not have been stopped because there was no Europe wide arrest warrant against him,” he asserted.

Konstantin von Notz, the parliamentary group spokesperson for the opposition Greens also believed that Seehofer’s plans do not make in any way a contribution to security in Germany.

Currently, among all 26 Schengen countries, only Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway carry internal border checks. Germany has land border checks only with Austria, which are set to expire on 12 November 2019. On the other hand, Norway and Denmark have reintroduced borders with Germany, set to end on the same date.