How to immigrate to Germany?

76,061 formal cross-border first-time asylum applications were submitted in 2020 at the German asylum offices, which number marks a decrease of 35,033 applications compared to 2019 (-31.5 per cent).

Applauding the decrease in the number of asylum seekers, the Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer asserted that the decline is not only a result of the pandemic but also of the German migration policy, the “recipe” for which he said, is “humanity and order.”

The decline in asylum applications in 2020 is not just due to the Corona pandemic, because the numbers are falling for the fourth year in a row. This shows that our measures to control migration are working. We are on the right track,” Minister Seehofer said.

Data shows that in addition to the 76,061 cross-border first asylum applications, another 26,520 asylum applications were submitted for children born in Germany under the age of one and another 19,589 follow-up applications, thus bringing the number to 122,170 applications in total.

As per the largest national groups lodging asylum applications in Germany, the following topped the table:

  1. Syria – 25,373
  2. Afghanistan – 8,051
  3. Iraq – 7,355
  4. Turkey – 5,196
  5. Unknown – 2,878

Next were nationals of Iran with 2,567 applications submitted, Georgians with 1,883 applications, Nigerians with 1,491 applications, Somalians with 1,451 applications and the Russians with 1,184 applications.

At the same time, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has decided on the applications of 145,071 people in 2020, which is also a lower number of applications compared to 2019 (-21.1 per cent).

37,818 people (26.1 per cent) were granted the legal status of refugees under the Convention on the Legal Status of Refugees of July 28, 1951 (Geneva Refugee Convention). These included 1,693 people (1.2 per cent) who were recognized as entitled to asylum in accordance with Art. V. m. § 60 paragraph 1 of the Residence Act,” the German Ministry of Interior notes in a press release.

It also explains that 18,950 people were granted subsidiary protection 46,586 applications were rejected.

By the end of December 31, there were 52,056 applications without a decision, lodged at the German asylum authorities. previously reported that in December 2019, that January 2019 through the end of November, 133,270 asylum seekers applied for asylum in Germany with the authorities, thus marking a 13 per cent decrease from the 162 thousand applications received in the previous year, same period.