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Border controls between Germany and Luxembourg have been abolished in the night between Friday and Saturday last weekend, after about two months in force, and tons of criticism from both sides.

Upon a decision of the German Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer, the border controls have been removed enabling Luxembourgers to enter Germany without any restrictions, the state chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate has confirmed, noting that those crossing the borders will have to respect the general sanitary rules.

On the other hand, German officials have highlighted that EU nationals will not need to be quarantined for two weeks when entering the country, including Luxembourgers.

We will end the border controls to Luxembourg this night, and we are open for further lifting of the restrictions to France, to Austria, to Switzerland. I am deeply convinced this is a very important signal, especially for those citizens who live next to the borders,” the Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Interior Ministry Stephan Mayer confirmed on Friday.

He also expressed her belief that the German people understood why the strict controls were implemented in the first place.

Later on Saturday, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his Luxembourg counterpart Jean Asselborn meet on the Schengen bridge, to celebrate the reopening of the border between the two countries.

Schengen was not defeated by the virus, that Schengen is coming back to life and this is a very important step,” Asselborn said during the meeting.

Luxembourg had criticized border controls imposed by Germany, since March, when the controls were first reintroduced amid the pandemic.

Minister Asselborn has also reacted himself had written to the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer urging him to lift the measure, which has caused public anger due to its large share of cross-border workers.

At the same time, about 48,000 German nationals work in Luxembourg, yet so far, due to the pandemic many of them have been working from home.

Over the weekend, Germany has also relaxed travel measures with Austria and Switzerland, the three of which have decided permit entry for more categories of each other’s citizens, due to the improvement of the situation related to the Coronavirus, and the sharp decline in the number of infections.