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Seasonal and Harvest Workers

Germany’s government has decided to ease entry restrictions for seasonal workers, from June 16, which have been introduced as an effort to halt the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The proposal of Germany’s Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner has been approved by the cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel; thus the seasonal workers from European Union and the Schengen Zone will be eligible to enter the country from June 16 without being subject to entry restrictions, Germany-visa.org reports.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Germany’s authorities had previously specified that only 80,000 seasonal workers would be allowed to enter the country, even though this number is under half of the quota necessary to fill the seasonal jobs.

Nearly 300,000 seasonal workers were employed in the agriculture sector, in Germany, last year. The majority of them were nationals of Romania and Poland.

Germany’s government also announced that employers would be required to implement hygiene standards.

Last week, the German Federal Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer revealed that the country plans to abolish the majority of existing border controls at the internal borders on June 15, as the current Coronavirus situation allows to take such a step.

On July 10, the Minister announced the Federal Cabinet that border controls at the borders with Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark would be lifted on June 15. Whereas, the temporary internal border controls in air traffic when arriving from Spain will end on June 21.

Germany has not extended the EU-wide entry ban until August 31, as it was earlier reported, but it has rather extended the travel warning for Germans wishing to travel abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that Germany is campaigning for the EU-wide travel ban to end only on July 1.

Earlier this month, the Federal German Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the country plans to lift travel warning for non-essential trips to 31 European countries, including the UK.