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Mar 10, 2017 – On late Thursday a new law passed in the German parliament, which aims to make studies and research a lot easier for non-EU academics, if they are already doing so in another EU country. This law is an implementation of EU policy set to break down barriers.

To further clarify: if you are a Pakistani researcher that already has a visa for France, you can now travel easily to Germany for a semester.

Employees of International companies will also benefit from this law as they can now move with ease between EU countries.

Simultaneously, another law has been approved for a different EU directive, which will allow non-EU seasonal workers more rights. Before entering the country, the workers must have a valid contract, working hour regulations and a set job offer and salary, whereas permanent stay will not be allowed.

“The new policies are a way for the EU member states to harmonize the regulations between them, while at the same time make it easier and attractive to citizens of third-world countries to study and do research” – confirmed the European Parliament last year.

These regulations are yet expected to be approved by the upper house of parliament, known otherwise as the Bundesrat./DPA