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The Federal Government of Germany has updated a travel warning for its citizens planning to travel abroad, extending the warning until August 31.

This decision was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas, who said the move was taken in a bid to prevent a possible second wave of Coronavirus infections caused by outside and pointed out that the authorities will keep checking the travel warning again and again before September.

Where – and only there – where the overall package of positive pandemic development, a stable health system, coherent security measures for tourism and reliable outbound and return travel options allows us, we may be able to return from a travel warning to travel advice earlier,” the Minister said.

According to a press release of the Ministry, the spread of COVID-19 continues to lead to drastic restrictions in international air and travel traffic, entry restrictions, quarantine measures and impairments in public life such as in many countries, while changes to the entry and quarantine regulations can sometimes be made without prior notice and with immediate effect.

In an attempt to prevent German travellers from getting stuck abroad once again, the government has warned travellers not to travel outside the Schengen Area and the EU countries until August 31.

However, a travel warning for visiting the EU and countries will be replaced with travel advice for every single country.

Travel warnings are not travel-bans, and travel advice is not a travel invitation,” Foreign Minister Maas said regarding the updated measures.  He also noted that if the situation improves and the government decides to cancel the travel warning before the given date, the decision will be announced for each country separately.

The worldwide travel warning was issued by the Ministry on March 17, amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe. At the same time, the government has closed its borders for all those coming for non-essential purposes.

The Ministry has also warned Germans planning to travel to other EU countries that in their trips to these countries may face several restrictions as quarantine or even COVID-19 tests.

Germany lifted the much-criticized border controls with Luxembourg on May 16 and facilitated entry for the citizens of Switzerland and Austria on May 17.

Internal border controls with France, Austria and Switzerland as well as on incoming flights from Italy and Spain will continue until June 15, 2020. Upon the recommendation of the EU Commission, Germany has now decided to lift all border controls on June 15, which means Europeans will be eligible to enter the federal territory starting from next Monday without any restrictions.