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Germany Border ChecksAir and boat trips from Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland will no longer be permitted to enter Germany unless their entry is essential, the German Interior Ministry has decided.

In the wake of a travel ban imposed by the EU to non-EU nationals, in a bid to contain the coronavirus that has turned Europe into an epicentre of the pandemic,  Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer has decided to extend the temporary border controls to intra-European air and maritime traffic.

The internal border controls are now also carried out on flights arriving in Germany from Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland. This also applies to maritime transport from Denmark,” a statement of the Ministry reads.

It further explains that for travellers without an urgent travel reason, there are now restrictions on travel traffic on these transport connections. Travellers with an urgent reason to travel and commuters have to bring evidence which proved the need to cross the border.

The Ministry also asks all of its citizens to avoid trips if they aren’t absolutely necessary, explaining that the EU countries affected by this decision have been informed in advance.

It also informs that the Ministry has sent the European Commission and the interior ministers of all EU countries a corresponding notification letter on the reintroduction of temporary border controls based on Art. 28 Schengen Border Code.

In compliance with the decision of the EU Commission and EU Council to seal off the EU borders for 30 days, Minister Seehofer has also ordered far-reaching entry restrictions at the German Schengen external borders, for both international air and sea transport for travel connections that have their origin outside the European Union.

Exempt from this decision are the following:

  • German nationals
  • Citizens of EU countries as well as their family members transiting the country.
  • Nationals from Great Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and their family members transiting the country.
  • Third-country nationals with a long-term right of residence in an EU country and the aforementioned countries.

Last Monday, Germany started carrying border checks at its internal borders with Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark.