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How to Get Free Health Insurance for International Students in Germany and for Germany Study Visa ApplicationAs of March 5, 2020, all international students aged 29 and younger, moving to Germany to further pursue their studies can benefit from free travel health insurance for up to 31 days, offered by the German private travel insurer DR-WALTER.

Foreign students aged 29 and younger who are insured with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the largest provider of public health insurance in Germany, who arrive in Germany before the beginning of their studies, will be provided with free additional travel insurance coverage for a maximum of 31 days by DR-WALTER German Student Insurance.

Rebecca Tenten from DR-WALTER points out that the 31-day free travel health insurance is accepted worldwide for student visa applications at German embassies and consulates.

Students from abroad often arrive just a few days before the beginning of their studies and therefore do not need long-term private health insurance. For this reason, we offer them Free Travel Health Insurance for up to 31 days. The Free Travel Health Insurance is a private health insurance that is accepted worldwide for student visa applications at German embassies and consulates,” Tenten explains.

DR-WALTER has undertaken the move in a bid to make sure that students that arrive before their studies begin are rightly insured, and do not have to spend extra money on getting insured for the period of time before their insurance with Techniker Krankenkasse is active.

What Are the Benefits of Free Travel Health Insurance?

Getting DR-WALTER’s free health insurance coverage has several benefits, including not having to buy temporary travel insurance, for the German visa application process, as the 31-day free travel health insurance, is accepted worldwide for student visa applications at German embassies and consulates.

Additionally, once they arrive in Germany, students covered by free travel health insurance will be able to benefit from the following:

  • Outpatient and inpatient medical treatment
  • Dental treatment for pain relief and simple fillings (amalgam fillings) as well as repairs of dentures
  • Medically necessary or prescribed return transport
  • Expenses for the repatriation of the insured person’s mortal remains in the event of death or funeral expenses up to €30,000

How to Apply for It?

As health insurance by Techniker Krankenkasse comprehensively covers foreign students in Germany aged 29 and younger from the beginning of their studies, you only have to apply for it.

Once you apply for TK insurance, you automatically benefit from the 31-day free coverage before the beginning of your studies.

To apply, you should fill in the online application form, which contains a few basic questions related to your identity, your studies in Germany, as well as details of your bank account in Germany through which premiums will be debited from, once your TK insurance starts rolling.

If you do not have a bank account in Germany at the time of the online application, you can send the data by e-mail after your arrival in Germany.

You will need to give in the following information:

  • First name & family name.
  • Date and city of birth.
  • Home country.
  • Passport number of the travel document with which you plan to enter Germany.
  • Email & telephone (the latter is optional).
  • Address in Germany, street and house number, postal code, and city (if you still do not know where you will settle in Germany, you can provide this information later).
  • Date of arrival in Germany. If the dates are not known for sure, you need to enter the estimated date of entry so that you are insured from the first day onward.
  • University, the field of study, and the start of the semester.
  • Bank details, name of the account holder and IBAN.
  • A SEPA Direct Debit Mandate from you that authorizes Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and DR-WALTER to debit your monthly health insurance fee from your account. If you do not yet have a German bank account, you can provide them with the bank details after your entry.

After you click submit, you will then receive by e-mail a certificate of health insurance for university application, which you can present as a proof of health insurance for university application.

For more information about getting free health insurance for the German student visa application, please visit German Student Insurance website.

Are There Any Additional Requirements?

There are no additional documents required for students to prove their status, nationality or anything else, aside from the completed application given above. The only two requirements, as explained so far, remain:

  • The student must be 29 years old or younger.
  • He/she is covered with Techniker Krankenkasse during the period of their studies, as those insured by others are not able to benefit from this new free service.

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