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Germany: Migration experts propose cash-for-visas for AfricansThe Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration (SVR) has suggested to the German authorities to create Cash-for-Visas program through which African migrants could get work visas in exchange for a cash deposit.

The Council has argued that through such a program, migrants would be more encouraged to return home, after acquiring skills and contacts, and also saving money during their work, Germany-Visa.org reports.

A report published this week by a panel of nine migration experts who are part of this Council, says that such a policy would enable migrants from Africa to work for a temporary period of time in Germany, while also motivating them to return home near the expiration date of their visas, after which they would receive their cash deposit back.

According to Panu Poutvaara, an SVR expert, the proposed visa policy would be an instrument for cooperating with African governments, among others.

Such a visa would allow the controlled immigration of employees without formal qualifications,” she also asserts.

Whereas, the Chairperson of the panel Petra Bendel believes that in Germany and the other countries of Europe there is a lack understanding for the migration activity within and out of Africa, pointing out that aside of work, people also immigrate for other purposes, to get education and training, as well as to join their family.

Many ignore the fact that African countries are themselves often a main destination for many immigrants… Some of these countries are world leaders in terms of the number of refugees they take in,” she said.

The report among others calls for the EU Member States, Germany included, to work on finding new ways of cooperation with the African countries regarding migration, suggesting that Germany could use its role as president of the EU Council in the second half od 2020 to work in this direction.

The politics of migration are more than border controls,” Bendel also said, adding that the German authorities should make sure the country’s new skilled labour immigration law is also applied to immigrants from African countries.

The SVR is an interdisciplinary advisory council of experts that research and provide policy advice on issues of migration and integration in Germany.