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The German Embassy in NamibiaThe German Embassy in Namibia has announced it is outsourcing the Schengen visa application process to a third-party service provider – TLS Group S.A. – based on Windhoek.

As of March 2, all those applying for a Schengen visa to Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary will need to submit their applications through this service provider, as Germany represents all these countries in Namibia in terms of Schengen visa applications admission and processing.

According to the German Embassy in Namibia, detailed information related to the procedures of applying for a Schengen visa through this visa center, will be accessible on the TLS website as of February this year.

Appointments for handing in visa applications will be granted by TLS within two working days. The processing time for a visa application may take up to 15 consecutive days, according to the European Visa Code; however, once the application has been decided on by the Embassy, applicants will be informed by TLS immediately for pick up,” the Embassy informs through a press release.

The outsourcing of visa procedures to a service provider for Namibians means that waiting times for application may be shortened, but applicants will need to pay an extra service fee for TLS.

Now that the new Schengen Visa Code becomes effective as of February 2, the Schengen visa fees for Namibians will increase from €60 per application to €80, and for children aged 6 to 12 from €35 to €40. Children aged 0 to 6 remain exempt from the visa fees.

In addition, as external service providers are permitted to charge a service fee, which should not exceed the amount of the visa fee, visa fees for Namibians can go up to €160, if the service provider decides to introduce the highest fee permitted.

Detailed information on fees and various additional services that TLS offers to applicants, including help to fill the forms, copy service facilities, passport picture taking, etc. can be found on the above-mentioned website (TLS),” the Embassy informs.

The German Embassy in Namibia also highlights that it will admit and process Schengen visa applications until February 28, while applications for long-term visas to Germany will remain at the German Embassy Windhoek even after March 2.