The student applicant visa is what foreign people need if they have applied for university studies or preparatory measures, having been confirmed as applicants and having decent prospects for admission but yet haven’t been officially admitted to enroll in studies, as they have to comply with other admission requirements, i.e. siting an examination, attending an interview, or different.

An eligible student applicant visa candidate is one who has applied and enjoys real chances for admission at a state, state-approved institution, or similarly recognized institution of higher education, or a state-approved provider of preparatory courses in Germany.

Study types for which a student applicant visa is issued include:

  • Full-time university studies
  • Preparatory German language courses for studies
  • State preparatory college ‘Studienkolleg’ – the course which foreign people has to undertake before siting the test “Feststellungsprüfung” for the recognition of their foreign pre-university diploma (for foreigners whose foreign high-school leaving diplomas are not recognized in Germany)
  • Propaedeutic course
  • Mandatory preliminary internship

Holders of a student applicant visa are given an initial visa period of three months and an extension through the residence permit of six additional months in Germany to comply with the complete admission requirements, as well as the possibility to switch it into a residence permit for studies, once having been admitted to study.

With a German student applicant visa you can:

  • pursue activities as required for complying with admission requirements
  • switch the visa into a student visa – as soon as having been admitted to study

With a German student applicant visa you can’t:

  • abandon preparatory lessons, as this might result in visa removal
  • require a work permit
  • remain longer than nine months in case of not being admitted for studies

Which are requirements to apply for a Student Applicant visa?

Documents required to apply for a student applicant visa are:

  • 2 duly completed national visa application forms
  • 2 recently taken biometric portrait photographs  (strict requirements, read our photo requirements page)
  • Proof of acceptance prospect in studies
  • The acceptance letter from the university – confirming your application for studies and an offered place to study in the program you have applied for, accompanied with:
  • an official letter of reservation of a place in a study program – issued by the university
  • a confirmation of application – usually an e-mail from the university, confirming the successful submission of the application for studies, or
  • a certificate of the university or the preparatory courses provider – stating that personal presence of the applicant is necessary for the decision on their admission in studies, stating also the noble chances they have to be admitted in studies
  • a certificate of registration in a study college “Studienkolleg” or certificate of admission in a preparatory course – “Propaedeutic Courses”, or a registration confirmation letter in a German language course (containing not less than 18 hours of lessons per week)
  • a recognized school leaving certificate “Abitur”, or an equivalent certificate
  • proof of adequate German language or English language proficiency (depending which is the language in which lessons are taught)
  • Proof of financial means “Finanzierungsnachweis” – €10,332 per year:
  • an official letter of leave – issued by the employer (for an employed applicant)
  • a curriculum vitae
  • proof of former education (degree certificates)
  • proof of covered health insurance– for the entire period of stay in Germany
  • a valid passport (with at least three additional months from the return date and not older than 10 years, with at least two empty visa pages)
  • proof of paid visa fee – 60 euro
  • proof of accommodation for the entire period of stay

*Note: Each original document mas have 2 (two) photocopies attached.

The most important requirement for German Student Visa is Proof of Financial Resources. For this you Should Use a Blocked Account.

In the first week from entering Germany is registering their address there at the “Bürgerbüro”- residence registration offices. In such case the visa holder has to show the documents showing your good prospects for getting admitted to study, as well as evidence of a covered health insurance, as well as evidence of having enough money for the entire visa period.

Why to apply for a visa before receiving the official admission letter?

As have already been explained, personal presence of the study applicant is needed to comply with the additional admission requirements in some cases. Thus, it is highly advised not to lose the time for making the application for the student applicant visa, if you already have been accepted conditionally in studies. As a prospective student with noble admission prospect, you may lose the chance to start the semester on time if being admitted; knowing that visa processing time might last for up to 3 months.

Why to apply for a student applicant visa instead of a student visa?

As someone who has applied for studies but hasn’t yet received the official acceptance in studies, you cannot get a student visa, as there is no official evidence for admission. In such case it is advised to travel to Germany with a student applicant visa, so to comply with the additional requirements and be ready for studies in advance. Once in Germany with a student applicant status you can directly apply for a residence permit for studies without having to return home, right after getting the confirmation for acceptance in studies in a university program or in a preparatory measure.

Other types of German student visas: